Lincoln Based Tabletop Gaming Club

Project Restart – Operation Plan for Club Nights

Gobstyks Club Operation Proposal.

It is proposed that Gobstyks [The Club] shall run within the following guidelines:

The Club is proposed to resume on the 3rd September.

The usual opening times will be changed to 18:30 to allow 30 minutes for the club to be set up, and finish at 21:30 to allow for the club to be shut down.

Members who arrive early who are not assisting the set up will be required to queue outside the front door remaining  apart unless they are from the same household following the most up to date Government guidelines.

Members will be required to pre book tables, giving the names of each member proposed to be using that table.  Members will be requested to keep to each side of the table unless they are from the same household.

The small room off the main hall is the only other room that may be used and can be booked in advance with priority given to role play groups.  This does mean that not all of our role play groups will be able to use the room and would request that each dungeon master liaises with the executive members if a rota is needed to facilitate all groups (for example one group on one week, and then another the following week, rotating from there).

Members will be required to pay in advance for entrance, this can be done by bank transfer or PayPal to club account or direct to the club treasurer.

Members can also request drinks to be on the table during set up in the form of cans.  The cans available will be restricted during this time.  Executive members will inventory the available cans on the first club night. Please note: no money will be taken on the evening.

Members will be required to stay at their table except for using the toilet or leaving the hall through the exit.  Members will be requested during this time to refrain from smoking at the club entrance and asked to move to somewhere more appropriate.

Members must not attempt to access any other area of the church or hall and the Kitchen area will be off limits except for Executive members accessing the club cupboard. Members can request terrain and this will be brought out for them as safely as possible.

During gaming members are required to not touch any miniatures or dice or related gaming materials that they do not own or have not provided themselves. Trays are recommended to avoid dice scattering around or off the table.

Members will be requested to provide up to date contact information to the club, this information will be used for the governments track and trace, this is a requirement that the club must adhere to and the information will only be kept by the club in accordance with our usual data protection policy and only shared with the track and trace for the purpose of attendance of that club night.

Members must bring an appropriate bag for disposal of any rubbish and must take this home with them, or place in a bin that is not on the premises.

Members using the toilet will be requested to use the hand wash provided and wash hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds. Wipes will be provided to clean surfaces and members are requested to use these after each use. The disabled toilet is the only one to be accessed.

Members will be required to leave the club at 21:30 to allow for the club to be shut down, a time warning will be given at around 21:00.

Members must maintain social distance guidelines at all time and remain apart following Government guidelines.

The club will restrict numbers using the club on a club night to a maximum of 5 in the small room off the main hall, and 30 in the main hall which includes Executive members and volunteers.

Members can volunteer in advance to assist in setting up and shutting down, this must be corresponded to an executive member and further information and guideline will be provided.

Members can request a copy of the risk assessment submitted to the church and this will be posted on the club website.

Facemasks and coverings are currently mandatory, the club respects the wishes of each individual member, however this is a requirement of our tenancy and failure to comply could result in the cessation of the club.  Exemptions apply as per government guidelines and if you are unsure please contact the Executive for advice.

We ask all members to be respectful during this difficult time and to support the club even if you do not agree with the guidelines set out by the club we ask that you follow them and use your common sense at all times.  We all wish to stay safe and play games in a secure environment.

During this time all the restrictions and rules will be reviewed on a regular basis.

The Risk Assessment can be found at : Gobstyks Risk Assessment