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Warhammer 40k Karnage Kup 2019

Its that time of year folks, it’s bragging rights time! Who will finish top this time (well who can knock Simon off the top).

The Rules

For this years Karnage Kup we will be using the ITC champions mission for a simple easy fair game all round. The missions we will be using are missions 2,4 and 6 from the champions missions pack found HERE.

For those unfamiliar with the ITC format. You score 1 point for holding objectives 1 point if you kill a unit per player turn plus points on your choice of 4 secondary missions per game found in the pack. At the end of a battle round you score an extra point if you killed more units that turn and 1 extra point if you hold more objectives then your opponent.
Max score per game is 42 points. Scoring if based upon vps scored in game plus 1000points for a win 500 for a draw and 0 for a loss.

Building Your Army List

We are using all GW publications and forgeworld rules for army building. All models MUST BE WISWIG AND NO PROXXING MODELS! If you have any heavily converted models please run them past Jamie first.
Lists are to be 2000points following list building guide lines in the main rulebook following the rule of 3. The cut off date for all new codexs and publications for rules or points changes is the 1st of November. Lists are to be submitted by the 10th of November to myself in word format via facebook messenger.

The Games
Round 1: 14th to the 21st of November mission 2 Cut to the Heart using deployment rules stated on the mission page
Round 2: 28th of November to the 5th of December mission 4 What’s yours is Mine using deployment rules stated on the mission page
Round 3: 12th to the 19th of December mission 6 Crucible of Champions using deployment rules stated on the mission page.

I would highly recommend players to download the ITC BATTLES app from the play store for android or app store for ios, as this is a free app that lets you keep track of points cps secondary’s missions and rules and shows you the easy way to mark out deployment zones!

We also have a Facebook Group setup, so for all updates and arranging games head over to; 40k Karnage Kup 2019

Good Luck to everyone


Except you