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Upcoming “Xakerion Wars” 40k Campaign

After two successful narrative campaigns, Adam now looks to begin his third 40k campaign entitled “Xakerion Wars”

The World Of Thalon IV & The Rise Of Zakerion Crystals

The planet of Thalon IV was bread basket Imperial world in the Segmentum Tempestus, rich in a wide variety of resources which was used to help fuel the Imperium Of Man.

However this drastically changed with the emergence of a new material on the planet known as “Zakerion Crystals”. Their origins are unknown and studies by the Adeptus Mechnicus have found that these leeching crystalline spores adsorb nearby nutrients and minerals condensing it into a raw and powerful substance known as “Zakerion”
Zakerion Crystals have many applications both as an energy source or durable material, the Mechanicus was quick to create a research facility on Thalon IV to explore further uses for the valuable crystals.

The following years saw this new material as a boon to the planet’s trade and wealth and efforts were taken to contain and harvest it.

However the spread of Xakerion proved to be far greater than predicted and it’s effects on the planet’s climate proves hazardous. In but a few years Thalon IV resembled an alien Deathworld, it’s population driven into underground shelters or fleeing the planet as it was ravaged by devastating Ion Storms.

But the loss of life did not matter to the Mechanicus who moved their operations to an obital platform and continued sending mining exhibitions to the planet surface.
However, the senior techpriest’s have predicted that Xakerion crystal production is destroying the planet and have only a few months to mine the precious resources before the Thalon IV is annihilated.

To make matters worst pirates, xenos and traitors are looking to prevent the mechanicus’ mining operations or worst mine this material for themselves so a distress call has gone out.

War has come to Thalon IV

A 40k Narrative Campaign

In this campaign, you’ll take part in a set number of missions of varying points levels, where you’ll fight to secure ground and mine Xakerion crystals for your faction.
But been warned not only must you fight your opponent but the planet’s hazardous environment as well.

This campaign will likely be starting in the next few months, so keep an eye out for more announcements on our Facebook page.