Lincoln Based Tabletop Gaming Club

Karnage Kup 2019 – Blood Bowl Edition

Welcome sports fans! And what a KK we’ve had this year, but first a quick rundown of the rules this time out.

The Karnage Kup this year worked in this way.

  • Each team has a celling value of TV190 Meaning your team value cannot exceed 1,900,000.
  • FUMBBL Secret League teams will be allowed, along with Cyanide Khorne Demons and Bretonnians.
  • All teams must have a fan factor of 10, this will not be included in the team value and is kept separate. Assistant Coaches and Cheerleaders are each capped at a maximum of 3, these will be added to your team value.
  • There is no starting amount and you build your team as per the usual team rules (so 0-2 wardancers for wood elves etc.)
  • You can give players whatever skills you want, however you adjust their price accordingly, so 20k for a normal, 30k for a double, 30k for +1MV/+1AV 40k for +1AG and 50k for +1ST.
  • There is a maximum of 2 stat increases across the team, and a maximum of 4 double skills across the team. Players may have multiple skills and stat increases, up to a maximum of 4 per player. 1 Player may remove a Negatrait (AND ONLY 1) for a cost of 50k this will count as applying a skill or increase for the purpose of the above, if you are not sure what constitutes a negatrait please ask, but it will be skills like Bone Head, Wild Animal, Really Stupid, Always Hungry, Blood Lust, Take Root etc.
  • Loner cannot be removed.
  • A maximum of 2 star players can be added, they cannot be changed in any way.
  • Inducements will be active, so if you decide to have a lower TV, you may do so.
  • Teams will be organised into two mini leagues with a play off for the title between the top two from each league playing for the crown, then just for fun corresponding positions for 3rd/4th 5th/6th and the wooden spoon match.
  • Mini Leagues will run with 2 points for a win, 1 for a draw, 0 for a loss and a bonus point for scoring either 3 Touchdowns or 3 Casualties (Casualties that would earn SPP are the only ones counted for this purpose), you can only score 1 bonus point.
  • Teams will have a two-week window to arrange and play each round, starting from the first Thursday of the competition starting.
  • Team sheets must be submitted to me no later than 1 week before the start of the competition, these will be checked to make sure they are legal and they will all be published for the start of the competition.

So those were the rules and the two leagues looked like this

League one

Blitzkrieg – Chaos – Jim
Hounds of Khorne – Chaos – Jon
Skitsburg Squealers – Skaven – Rai
Nurcastle United – Nurgle – Jamie

League two

Exeter Gently – Slaanesh Demons – Ali
Pete’s Stupid Vampires – Von Carstein – Pete
The Slightly Less Awkward Raiders – Chaos Renegade – Nick
Buying Lebkuchen – Halfings – Jocelyn

After closely fought rounds the playoff picture was


Blitzkrieg vs Exeter Gently

3rd Place Playoff
Hounds of Khorne vs Pete’s Stupid Vampires

5th Place Playoff
The SLAR vs Skitsburg Squealers

The Wooden Spoon Game
Buying Lebkuchen vs Nurcastle United

The final was an exciting game with Blitzkrieg building a reputation for killing teams off quickly, but Exeter had shown some gutsy resilience during the league stage. The game finally swung to the Blitzkrieg with Jim playing in his second season winning 2-1 against Ali who was last year’s champion.

The other games followed with Jon taking 3rd after a close encounter with Pete who finished 4th and then in a high scoring game Nick overcame the Skaven to finish 5th leaving Rai to claim 6th place.

The Wooden Spoon is yet to be played, but if previous results are anything to go by, then they could both lose the game!

We’ll be back next season for more bloodshed and tears.