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Member’s Army Feature: Attack Of The Drones!

Today we’re going to be taking a look at one of member’s armies, Adam’s fully converted Tau Drone Army. 

I love the Tau Empire, most likely because their futuristic look and the fact their constantly improving their technology. So it would make sense that there would be a faction in the Tau Earth Caste that focused on a the creation and management of a Drone cadre known as “The Tau Kor’vesa Initiative!”

Tau Kor'vesa Conversion 2

It took almost a year and a half to get started, as the Crisis Drones went through some redesigned, but most of it was due to the fact the Crisis Drones and Broadsides required Riptide bits that took time to collect enough from Bits sites. But within a few months the army had taken shape. As you look through the photos try and guess what Battlesuit each Drone design is representing?

Tau Kor'vesa Conversion

My Armies On Parade Board (won 2nd place)

Tau Kor'vesa Conversion 3

Tau Kor'vesa Conversion 4

Tau Kor'vesa Conversion 5Tau Kor'vesa Conversion 6

Tau Kor'vesa Conversion 7

Tau Kor'vesa Conversion 8

And of course there is the Tau Commander controlling the Drones around her and some standard Drones as well.

Tau Kor'vesa Conversion 10Tau Kor'vesa Conversion 11

This small Drone based on the Earth Caste Drone From Dawn Of War normally sits on the Riptide base, representing his FNP save.

Tau Kor'vesa Conversion 12
An important part of this project was matching the sizes of each of the Drone with the Battle suit they were proxying on the board, the flight stands were crucial in this. As you can see in the photos below all the models matched the originals in height and width. So far I have not encountered a piece of terrain that has cause problems with the models not having a lower half.

Tau Kor'vesa Conversion 13Tau Kor'vesa Conversion 14All the models should be easily recognisable for what they represent but just in case I always create a reference sheet to prevent any confusion in games.

Ref Sheet

Hope you enjoyed looking through this army as much as I enjoyed building it.

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