Lincoln Based Tabletop Gaming Club

Award time (Karnage Kup, Gobstykup & Squig Name Contest)

Today we announce the awards and standings of the 40k Karnage Kup, The Gobstykup and the winner of the Squig Naming Contest.

Warhammer 40k Karnage Kup

Congrats to everyone who took part and thank you for your patience regarding delays, look forward to another one next year…

1st – Simon,
2nd – Ali,
3rd – Daniel, 
4th – Sean,
5th – Neil,
6th – Ian,
7th – Adam,
8th – Robert,
9th – Jamie,
10th – Lee,
11th – Aidan,
12th – Andy Dodd

The Gobstykup

Let’s start with the fun ones…

Better Than Messi – Most TD – Bloodnymphs – Nick Kealy (33)

Not in a Brothel – Least TD – The Erotic Necrotic – Jorrel Esley (9)

The Brick Wall – Least TD conceded – Bedius Maximus – James Bedford (8)

The Broken Bus – Most TD conceded – Free Port Vale – Andy Dodd (26) & Ratmansfield Town – Mark Waterworth (26)
The Iron Fist – Most Casualties caused – Ratmansfield Town – Mark Waterworth (38)

The Handbag – Least Casualties caused – Free Port Vale – Andy Dodd (10)

The ‘Stop it’ – Most Casualties received – Warpingston Ratskins – Jocelyn Croft, Viper Alpha Squad – Ian Brooks, Ratmansfield Town – Mark Waterworth (29)

Is That All You’ve Got – Least Casualties received – Bedius Maximus – James Beford (14)

10th Company Champion – Rai Williams – 7th in the B Kup
10th Company Runner Up – Isabel Croft 26th in the B Kup

& The Big Winners are…
Stunty Cup Winner – Paris-ite Germ-man – Ali Williams (Halflings 5th in the B Kup)

Shield Winner*- The Rat Pack – Simon Miller (*through questionable means :D)

B Kup Winner – Lavapool – Jocelyn Croft

& Overall Winner – The Insta Gators – Tim Hunter!

Congrats to everyone for another great Gobstykup contest.


The Gobstyks Squig Naming Competition

Congrats to Sharon for getting the most votes for the Club’s Squig’s name, who has now been blessed with the name…

“Earl Squigglesworth”