Lincoln Based Tabletop Gaming Club

Gobstyks’ White Dwarf Appearance

Gobstyks has been featured in White Dwarf a few times since it founding, here is just one…

In 2003 a visit to the club by Che Webster sparked an article in White Dwarf featuring the Gobstyk’s Silver Membership award for fully painted armies. Che chose 4 of our member’s armies to photograph, including my Sisters’ of Battle army, and invited each painter to bring their armies to Lenton for an interview.

When we arrived, terrain was assembled to show each army at its best and the armies were extensively photographed. I was quite impressed how good our armies looked. Each of us were then asked questions about how we got into the hobby, our choice of army and how we set about painting them. It was an enjoyable day all round!

Gobstyk’s later added a Bronze Membership award for a fully painted team or skirmish force and more recently both schemes were expanded to include other gaming systems. Bronze and Silver Membership awards are still available if anyone is interested in showing off their painting skills.