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Member’s Spotlight Nathan Dodd (& Dad)

On today’s Member’s Spotlight we have not one but two Dodds, featuring our youngest member!

Name: Nathan Dodd
Years at Gobstyks: 1 I’m 15 1/2 Months Old)
Membership Level: Newby
Games Played: Peek-A-Boo and Happy and you Know it (Clap your Hands)
Current Favourite System: Any models of Daddy’s I can shove in my mouth
Best Moment At Gobstyks: Running Round the Hall whilst Daddy is trying to catch me.
Gobstyks Titles Held (Current or Previous): Youngest Member of Govstyks
Interests Outside of Wargaming: Toddling round trying to grab things that Mummy and Daddy won’t notice I’ve got, Cry and throw tantrums when Mummy and Daddy tell me NO.
Current Project: Trying to get better at walking and being more sneaky when trying to grab things.
If You Could Have Your Own Squig, What Would You Call It? Dad
If You Could Make A Game Related To A Film/Book/Genre What Would It be? Paw Patrol

& Now for his father…

Name: Andrew Dodd
Years at Gobstyks: 18 years (although did go to the first club night in 1997)
Membership Level: Gold (Silver and Bronze also attained)
Games Played: AoS (Badly), 40k (Badly) Warmachine/Hordes (Badly), Bloodbowl (surprisingly not bad at all)
Current Favourite System: Cop Out Answer Alert. I love them all, each of them gives me many opportunities to create crazy, bizarre no one on earth should ever play this sort of list armies/teams.
Best Moment At Gobstyks: Meeting and 2 years later proposing to my Wife, we’ve been happily married now for 4 years and are the parents to the youngest club member Nathan (16 Months)
Gobstyks Titles Held (Current or Previous): No Major Titles for my actual gaming but I was voted Clubman in the Gobstyks 20th Anniversary Awards
Interests Outside of Wargaming: Magic the Gathering CCG, Tabletop Roleplaying (L5R, D&D, Vampire the Masquerade) Various Sports (Football GO BLADES!!!!, American Football GO SEAHAWKS, Speedway GO TIGERS!!!)
Current Project: With the New BLoodbowl Gobstykup and B Kup commencing in the New Year, I’m converting up and hopfully this year painting fully 6 Yeti and many snottlings for my B Kup Ogre Team (St Yetienne) maybe some pictures will find their way onto the Gobstyks website in due course.
If You Could Have Your Own Squig, What Would You Call It? I have 16 of them and they represent my Goblin Bloodbowl Team, but my favourite would have ot be George (I’ll hug him and squeeze him and call him George
If You Could Make A Game Related To A Film/Book/Genre What Would It be? Difficult to answer considering there are many High Fantasy Games out there already like AoS, 9th Age, Kings of War but I love the Memory,Sorrow and Thorn Trilogy of Books by Tad Williams (Dragonbone Chair, Stone of Farwell and To Green Angel Tower)

“Build me an army worthy of Mordor!”
“Meh! Alright” replied Dodd.