Lincoln Based Tabletop Gaming Club

The Founding Of Gobstyks

Today we take a look at origins of the club at how it was founded back in 1997.

Games Workshop in their infinite wisdom decided to open a club in Lincoln to see if running a club would increase interest in their games. Jervis Johnson helped organise gaming boards and terrain, St Andrew’s church hall was rented, and Gary James was paid to open the club up. One Thursday in mid-September 1997, the exact date has been forgotten, the club ran for the first time and interest exceeded expectations. To start with we could only play GW games and all entry fees were delivered to the Lincoln store. We soon discovered that the entry money more than covered the hall rent and in the first few months Games Workshop more than made back the set-up costs and Gary’s wage.

It was decided amongst the club members to become an independent club, to play a wider variety of games and to take control of our own finances. We set up an exec made from volunteers, opened a bank account to provide a snack bar and pay the church directly, and Gary resigned his post. We also had a meeting to name the club and write a list of club rules (the GCN later used our rules as an example of how to set up a club when they came into being) and Gobstyks Gaming Club was born.

We have been lucky to have the skills of our members volunteered to us over the years to aid the expansion and continuation of Gobstyks. One member designed a club logo to go on: shirts; mugs; badges; dice and dice bags (don’t forget the name the squig competition) and others have designed our website and built terrain. A fair number of members have run campaigns and tournaments and we now have multiple annual tournaments, our biggest being the Gobstykup.

Now twenty years on we still meet in St Andrew’s church hall on Thursdays, 6-10pm and have a fair number of regular members and some ex members that pop in to see us when they are in the area. We have had so many people pass through Gobstyks doors over the years that a few years ago we had to start the register numbers again from scratch. We have a recently updated the website and have a club Facebook page and several group pages. We hope that Gobstyks will be around for many years to come and that more gamers will come through the doors and discover the club.

Photos from our club’s 20th Birthday Celebrations.