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Stars Wars X-Wing 101

Our local star fleet admiral; Andy Thompson has been kind enough to write a beginners guide to the hit Star Wars game; X-Wing for anyone who is thinking about giving it a try.


If you’ve even imagined yourself within the Star Wars Universe piloting a rebel starfighter against the oppressive Empire, as a member of the Imperial Navy stopping rebel scum from taking over the galaxy, or just doing it for the credits, then X-wing is the game for you.

Getting started

X-wing is an easy game to begin, there are 2 starter sets, the first with ships from the original series of films, giving you an X-wing and 2 Tie Fighters, plus all the tokens etc that you need to play the game. The latest is the “Force Awakens” version, this time including the latest version of the X-wing and Tie Fighters, plus a revised deck of damage cards.

Once you have the starter pack it is then only a case of buying more ships. Normal games are 100pts, which means about 3 or 4 ships, but can be more. Plus with the advantage that the ships come already painted.


There are 3 main factions and a squadron is only made up of ships from one of those factions…

Rebels/Resistance: Their ships can be combined within the same squadron. They tend to be ships like the X-wing or Y-wing, which trade manoeuvrability for hull points and shields, so they can stay in the fight for longer.

Imperial / First Order: Imperial and First ships can be combined within the same squadron. They tend to be ships like the Tie Fighter, relying upon they greater manoeuvrability, but with fewer hull points and shields.

Scum & Villainy : This is the latest faction and has a mix of ship types. Most are bounty hunters like Boba Fett and the others seen in the Empire Strikes back.

Formation Flying in X-wing


Flying in close formation and not crashing into your own ships, can take some doing even for an experienced player. Here are some suggestions which may help with formation flying.

When selecting the manoeuvres for your ships, select them starting with the lowest pilot skill first working your way up to the highest. As they will activate and move in that order, hopefully making it easier to know if an earlier moving ship is going to be in the way of a later one.

Soft turns : While it initially seems that 2 ships next to each other, both doing the same gentle turn, shouldn’t bump, they will.

Tight Turns: Tight turns do not have the same problem and ships in formation can perform the same maneuver.

Flying in formation: The way to stay in formation is for the ship on the inside of the turn to go one speed slower compared to the other ship.

The same happens if one ship is in front of the other, both cannot do the same gentle turn.

For a 4 ship formation, each ships needs to do a different speed to the one alongside and in front or behind it.

That’s all we have for today, but with Luck Andy will return with another Xmas Countdown article.