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X Wing Mario Kart

Boy do we have a treat for X-Wing players today, a wacky set of rules that allow you and your friends to play Mario Kart on the tabletop with your ships!

X-Wing Mario Kart Rules

  • Small based ships only. Maximum 24 points. No Lone Wolf, dead man’s switch or any slam cards. 
  • Should your ship be destroyed it will re-spawn behind the checkpoint you’ve most recently passed at the start of the next activation phase. 
  • The track edge is treated as a wall. Manoeuvres will be completed until they bump the wall (similar to a ship bump) then roll one red dice and suffer any effects. At the start of the end phase you may barrel roll or reverse boost (use rear guides) to get off the wall. You may not shoot whilst bumped into a wall. 
  • Re-spawning returns your ship to play with full shields and no damage, but does not return spent ordinance.  
  • Bumping during a race is extra dangerous and causes each bumped ship to roll a red dice and suffer any rolled damage. Standard bumping rules apply (no actions or shooting the ship you are touching) 
  • Each player chooses 1 hazard (asteroids, debris) to place before the race. No hazards can be placed before the first checkpoint. All standard rules apply to the hazards regarding game effects.They may not be places in range one of an upgrade crate or other obstacle.  
  • Mystery crates are placed around the map. Crates are refreshed at the start of the activation phase. When a ships movement or base overlaps a crate they pick up a card from the pile. If a crate regens under a player they still get a new card.  If you already have a card you must discard it and pick up a new card. Once all cards have been picked up, shuffle the discard pile and use again.  

  • Shooting across the track edge adds 1 green dice for the defender.  
  • Deployment will take place behind the marked start line and will start with the ships with the fewest number of points, ties will be broken by pilot skill with lower PS placing first, further ties will be determined by dice roll. 
  • Activation and combat phases use standard pilot skill rules.  
  • The winner is the first ship whose base fully passes the finish line (after one or two laps if you have the time)If two ships cross the same turn, the ship that is furthest past the finish line at the start of the combat phase is the winner.  
  • There is no bumping damage, combat, bombs dropped or mystery crates allowed for the first two turns. This allows everyone to spread out and prevents a bunch of restarts.  

X-Wing Mario Kart Crate Cards

If you’d like to join in and try a game of Mario Kart X-Wing be sure to drop by Gobstyks on the 21st of December as Pete maybe running a game and you can join in the race for the finish!