Lincoln Based Tabletop Gaming Club

40k Karnage Kup – Round 1

Here is all the information you’ll need for the 1st round of this year’s Karnage Kup…

Mission: Big Guns Never Tire
Setup: Spearhead Assault

Round Dates: 12th & 19th October

Match Ups
Andy Vs Ian
Daniel Vs Adam
Sean Vs Lee
Simon Vs Aidan
Ali Vs Paul
Jamie Vs Robert
Neil Vs Rowan
James Vs Sam

Remember to submit your lists in a simple word format to Adam Calver via Facebook before the 7th of October. They will then be posted up on the Gobstyks Website for viewing on Sunday, if your list has not be submitted before the lists are posted you will receive a points penalty.

Once you have completed your game, note down the result and points scored for each player and post them up on the Karnage Kup Facebook Page.