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40k Farsight Enclave Army – By HyperZzzz

Warhammer 40k Farsight Enclave Army

Project Log by HyperZzzz

I used to run a Commander Farsight Army when the Tau were firstly released back in 2001, the Tau were the result of Games Workshop wanting to introduce a new race and line of miniatures to the Warhammer 40k Universe.  The Tau’s Robotic / Science Fiction feel and look appealed to me instantly and inspired me to create an army, which was inspired and themed around Commander Farsight the breakaway leader, the Rebel of the Tau culture.

I converted my very own Farsight, as at that time no model existed, I converted the model using a regular fire warrior parts and used an ethereal head and posed him outside of an open Crisis Suit holding his Dawn Blade high just like in the art work of the original Tau rule book. Just like in the picture below, however the struggles of being a student took its toll and I stupidly sold the Army trying to raise much needed funds.

Commander Farsight
Commander Farsight Concept Art

Time has come and gone, and I am now starting the process of putting together a new Tau army which again will feature the Mighty Commander Farsight sporting all of the New models produced by Games Workshop.

This project log will feature the processes taken, through to painting, I will start adding to this after the holiday as a large bulk of my Army is a Christmas present and the wife has decreed I cannot have it until then.

In the mean time I bid you
For the greater good!

27th December 2013 – Fruitful Christmas

Well it is said that if you ask you shall receive and boy did I receive, my amazing wife bought me the

Tau Firebase Support Cadre
Tau Firebase Support Cadre Boxset

Tau Empire Firebase Support Cadre along with

Commander Farsight Miniature
Commander Farsight Miniature

Commander Farsight and a selection of paints for Christmas, which I am eternally grateful for.

I have secured some other bits and pieces since the start of my project log thanks to some friends, some Fire Warriors and a Crisis suit which has been assembled! I however have not glued the weapons onto the Crisis Suit as I wish to be able to change the weapon options on them. In general I plan to arm with the following setup on a Shield Generator, Flamer, Missile Pod, and Plasma Rifle. I like the option of being able to change weapon setups, but I think that is what I will be keeping to in most instances.

Hopefully in the next couple of days I will be assembling Commander Farsight, as well as my Riptide. I may film this process, I am not sure I may just take some photo’s I will see how I feel about the whole thing..

In the meantime I bid you
For the greater good!