Something different by Sam Clelland – War Machine

Ok so this is going to be something a little different to what ive done before.

Towards the end of last year I found myself not doing a lot of painting and falling very far behind on what I needed to get finished. but over the Christmas period I picked up a couple Warmachine books that had been sat on my shelf for a while and gave it a read, I found my self really enjoying the back story and the rules looked good and different. So I decided to build and paint the Cryx starter set (Battlegroup) that had been sat doing nothing for a while as well.

after opening the box this is what you get:

1. the models
2. the character cards
3. quick starter rules
4. a mini copy of no quarter

It does look and feel like you get a lot in the box considering it is only 5 models, now this was completely new to me as im only used to Games workshops models range and a few metal models from other companies so the fact there was no sprues was a shock. Each model comes in its own little bag with all its parts so it is easy to no what you are building.

The models are nice quite good quality and very quirky and a deferent style to what I am used to, however it does say on the box that they are plastic … I don’t think they are as plastic glue didn’t work and they feel more like resin so I used super glue. The only issues I had with the models where mould lines but they weren’t hard to remove, the characters staff was very bent and needed to be fixed and lastly the characters helmet is very ugly and is the only thing that lets the model down in my opinion.

The quick start rules are a nice touch as it means if you and a friend both buy a Battlegroup you can both be playing with a small selection of the basic rules rather quickly.

The No Quarter magazine was just that a hobby magazine its basically Privateers press version of White Dwarf but with it being in the starter set its a nice touch as it gives you a taste of what the hobby is about has a few paint quid’s ect and is a fairly good read.

Now on to the painting … I Started with the Warjack named Slayer to test my paint scheme as it was the largest model in the set. I didn’t want to use the paint scheme out of the book so I went for my own….

I was really happy with the way the model turned out and went straight onto painting the Warcaster warwitch Deneghra shes the smallest model in the set and is human where the other models are all machines.

Next I batch painted the Bonejacks (undead robot chicken turkey things) these are smaller machines used and 2 are actually the same model with the third having a different head and uses and ranged attack….

so these are the Deathe Rippers

and the Defiler

The Battle group only being 5 models strong was very quick and fun to paint, it gave me excitement of finishing a project again and has spurred me on to painting a lot more now.

The game its self seems to be very fast paced and fun with the Warcaster being the most important piece of your army or force, all the way from building a list to winning games he or she allows the army to work and also gives bonuses for the way you build your lists and styles its all about resource management. The Warjacks are very tough and can dish out lots of damage but do come in two different classes light and heavy but they need the warcaster to function and preform certain actions. there are two more unit types in the game and they are Units that are usually infantry or cavalry that can function, move and attack without the caster but are generally weaker than the warjacks and finally you get Solos there are one off characters and unit attachments that bring something different to your force.

As I said before the story is what attracted me to the system in the first place and to compare to anything I would say to imagine a steam punk game of thrones ,,,, ish …. its an on going story and even in the 2 books I have read through characters have gotten stronger, betrayed allies or been killed off….

To some up I would recommend getting one of the Battle groups to anyone either to play the game or just as a painting project. There are 7 factions in Warmachine 6 of these have Battlegroups and 5 factions for Hordes with 4 of those with box sets both systems can be played against each other so you have 12 factions with completely different playing styles and different looks to the armies and characters. I am intending to add to my force so there will be more to come and also I am thinking to getting a hordes force just to read there story. So here is the battle group all together and also some other tings ive been working on……

Thanks for reading guys please comment

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  1. masterowen45 masterowen45 says:

    That is one good looking corpse cart!

  2. HyperZzzz HyperZzzz says:

    some awesome models, good job, keep up the work, loved reading about this… more please

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