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Project Logs

Project Logs

Welcome to the NEW section dedicated to hobby project logs, whether our members are building a new warhammer 40k army or working on a golden demon entry, they can blog away and update there very own page within the project logs. Check back and see when new photo’s and blog updates have been added. Our members can even upload videos or link video from the clubs very own you tube channel which will coming soon.

Current Project logs:

Big Blue – Willplatten

Da Deff wing – the 1st Pip

Da Grot Rebelion – Proiteus

Eldar – cbrbiker13

Farsight Enclave Army – HyperZzzz

If you go down to the woods today – Periculosus

How to paint Tervigons the easy way – Lee

The “Growth” – Willplatten

The Sons of Prospero – Proiteus

The Storm Lords – Willplatten

Trench run – Willplatten