Pete vrs Ali WFB Carnage Cup May 2015

Ali came to visit my house to play our CarnagDSCF1954e Cup game. He was bringing his Demon army that had been posted on the army list submissions and with both a Bloodthirster and Great Unclean One was quite a nasty looking list.

For my part I did have the twins, who are hard to pin down and difficult to kill outside of close combat. Their combination of the poison arrows and flaming arrows could also be useful. Besides Ali had big blocks of troops with little save and low toughness and I had a lot of trueflight arrows. First turn would be important.

The scenario was dawn attack so we both had to roll to see where our troops would deploy. I ended up with lots on both flanks and very little in the middle. But, more importantly I did get first turn.

The first turn had its ups and downs. I did take lots DSCF1955of wounds off the Great Unclean One and whittle the Horrors down to one man and his herald, but the spellsinger miscast and forgot she was a wizard.

Ali advanced forwards and had the first of a few unsuccessful cannon shots at my Treeman Ancient General.

During the second turn my Wood Elves managed to finish off both the Horrors and the Great Unclean One, leaving Ali with no magic to cast at me. That was very helpful. It was already looking bad for the forces of chaos. The Treeman Ancient summoning the lurkers below to pull 6 unfortunate bloodletters to their doom.DSCF1962

Again Ali tried to engage my forces one of the Beasts of Nurgle crashing into a Wood Elf archer unit who, surprisingly held. The cannon shot fell inches short of the treeman ancient (again) the trusted 10″ from the back of the base not helping rolls of 2s and 4s and misfiring bounces. “That is the luckiest Tree in the forest,” Ali comDSCF1958mented.

The Archer unit in combat with the Beast of Nurgle became shrouded with the shield of thorns, which took a cheeky and unexpected two wounds off the beast. In the following combat the Beast fluffed the attacks, failed the stomp and lost by the musician. Instability meant that the unit of two archers had killed off the Beast of Nurgle in close combat. Certainly not Ali’s day. The remaining shooting turned the bloodletters into a pin cushion.

Ali’┬ás blood thirster finally got stuck in and started chewing through units. But the Wood Elves would not sit still and limited the damage this monster could do. Meanwhile the twins shot up the Cannon and since Ali had rolled badly for magic dice he couldn’t use and reduced his ward to a 6 only, the Wood Elf archery proceeded to rip up what was left of the BloodletteDSCF1960rs.

With so little left on the table the Wood Elves began to fall back to stop the forces of chaos from engaging. Save a unit of Wildriders who failed to restrain the instinct to charge, failed and then got chewed up the the Blood Thirster.

In the end a victory for the Wood Elves that had been on the cards since early in the game. The chaos army simply not able to engage them in combat or cope with the shooting.

Wood Elves 14DSCF196480 Chaos 690