GoD Race characteristics

4 Race Characteristics

Each race in the 40K universe has a different style and characteristics, and is motivated by different objectives. In Galaxy of Damnation this is represented by race characteristics.

4.1 Tyranids

Ravage! The Tyranids are not interested in annexing worlds – they are motivated by their insatiable desire for new genetic material, and nothing else. Tyranids therefore never ‘own’ planets – they just strip them bare for the genetic material they contain and move on. All worlds yield full campaign points and since Tyranids strip the planet and move on they can never lose campaign points by losing planets. Once a Tyranid army has captured a planet it becomes a dead world – cross out the original type on the location card and write in ‘Dead World’ instead. Reduce the campaign points and penalty points to that of a dead world for the rest of the campaign.

Tyranids cannot buy scanners but they have an innate ability to detect biomass and so can tell if a planet is inhabited or dead (but, if inhabited, they cannot tell what type of planet it is beyond the fact that it is not a dead world). Instead of rolling on the planet reaction table Tyranids roll 1D6 and on a roll of 1 the planet accepts. No planet would willingly accept assimilation by the Tyranids, and planets that accept have obviously been infiltrated by cultist activity!

If a Tyranid army fights and loses against an occupied planet (neutral or owned by another player) they lose campaign points equal to those they would have got had they won (this represents the loss of biomass in the battle). A Tyranid army can never have less than zero campaign points.

The Tyranids have more complex race characteristics than any other army does. This reflects their unique nature. To summarise, the race characteristics for Tyranids are:

Never own planets
All worlds yield full campaign points and become dead worlds if the Tyranids win an invasion
Campaign points are not lost, because planets cannot be lost
Can detect dead versus occupied worlds, but otherwise cannot obtain scanners
If they lose a battle, lose campaign points equivalent to those they would have gained had they won.

4.2 Eldar

The advanced technology of the Eldar allows them to create superior scanners. Eldar scanners never malfunction.

4.3 Imperium

Imperial armies have the technology to block distress calls. If a ‘send distress call’ result is rolled as the reaction to occupation roll a D6. On a 5+ the distress call fails to get through and is not announced to other players or marked on the common knowledge map.

4.4 Orks

Ork fleets are brutal and crude, and not in the habit of slowing down to get permission to pass an occupied planet. When wishing to pass a planet owned by another player which has defenses installed roll a D6. On a roll of 5+ the Ork fleet may pass unimpeded even if the owning player objects.

4.5 Dark Eldar

Dark Eldar are most interested in occupied worlds (for prisoners) and therefore get one extra campaign point for heavily the occupied worlds: civilised worlds, hive worlds, and feudal worlds.

4.6 Chaos

Chaos armies use cultists, subjugation and temptation to influence the worlds they wish to invade. Chaos armies subtract 1 from all reaction to occupation rolls.

4.7 Necrons

Almost nothing is known about the Necron race – they mysteriously appear and disappear apparently at will. When the Necrons invade a planet the battle is never reported and distress calls never get through. It is very difficult to detect Necron activity!

4.8 Tau

“For the greater good” the Tau aspire to build & expand their empire. Tau gain 2 extra Campaign Points for each planet they occupy that is directly connected to their Home Planet/Starting Location & 1 extra campaign Point for planets that they occupy connected to those. If for any reason the further out planets become disconnected from the Home World you loose the extra point(s) until the connection is made again. You do not get bonus Campaign Points for planets the are further than 2 links away.

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