GoD Game size and victory

5 Game size and victory conditions

These two factors are related – a larger star map will provide more planets to conquer and reduce the likelihood of having to attack other players. Setting your victory conditions will be easier, therefore, if you know how many planets the players might get without having to fight each other. For example, in a campaign with 10 players a 50-planet map provides 5 planets per player – so it is possible that someone could capture 5 planets without fighting another player (though he will probably have to fight some of the planets that resist).

The planet generation table gives, on average, 3 campaign points per planet. A player might therefore gain 3 x 5 = 15 campaign points without fighting another campaign player. Now, setting victory points at 18 campaign points will mean that, on average, a victor has to win at least one planet from another player. 21 victory points would require him to capture 2, 24 to capture 3 and so on.

As a rule of thumb we suggest working out the average number of planets per player and adding 50% to get a victory points target. So a star map providing 4 planets per player would require them to capture 4 + 50% = 6 planets, giving a victory point target of 6 x 3 = 18 campaign points. Remember probes, scanners and planetary defences will reduce a player’s points total too. The Gamesmaster will still need to be vigilant in case someone does happen to roll up 3 civilised worlds in a row! And you can always hold off setting victory conditions until the campaign has run a few turns.

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