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This section contains useful files that can be downloaded and used in your campaigns. We would be very interested to hear about your own campaigns and receive submissions of maps, scenarios and sub-plots. Please use the forum to discuss GoD and ask general questions, and email us at mailto:info@gobstyks.co.uk if you’d like to submit any campaign materials.
The Gamesmaster’s guide contains complete instructions for setting up and running a campaign. All of the information in the Player’s Guide is in here too, so if you are wanting to read about the campaign this is the document to get.

god-plguideDownload the Gamesmaster’s Guide in PDF format. This file has been compressed with WinZip.

(campaign.zip 572K)

The Player’s Guide is basically a cut-down version of the Gamesmaster’s Guide that has had the bits taken out that the players don’t need to know (the nuts and bolts of the campaign mechanics for example) or that they shouldn’t see if you want to include them in a campaign (ideas for alien artifacts, for example). It is designed to be copied and handed out to all of the players in a campaign.

god-plguideDownload the Player’s Guide in Word for Windows format (Word 97). This file has been compressed with WinZip.
(playguid.zip 185K)

There are two maps that we have used during our campaigns to date. These are in jpg format and will look alright at A4 or A3 size. Because .jpg is a web format your browser will probably display these graphics rather than download them. To save them to disk right-click on the small picture and choose ‘Save target as…’.

god-smallstarMap 1

god-smallstarMap 2

This map is the same as one of those above but has been saved in Paintshop Pro format. The grid and lettering, circles, warp lines and location numbers have been placed on different layers. This is the map to use if you want to make your own maps from scratch without having to re-draw the sector grid.

This is a Paintshop Pro file that has been compressed with WinZip.
(pspmap.zip 80K)

This file contains a few graphics that you might find useful in your campaign materials. There is a sheet of battle location markers like the explosion on the left (.jpg file) and a black-on-white and white-on-black version of the GoD logo shown on the left.
(godgraph.zip 201K)

god-switchboard-small< Click me

(god25.exe 540K)

Now contains all files needed 21June2003
I am working on a version that works in
MS Access 2000 & XP

OK, so here it is, the whole database. It is a self-extracting zip file which will place three files on your system. The main file is called “campaign.mdb” it will be placed in a folder called “C:\godamn” (unless you change it). The other two files are, Starmap.jpg which is the Starmap graphic & datatables.mdb this file contains the data defined for your campaign, the Players, the Locations etc.
You will need MS Access 97 to run this file once it is on your machine.

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