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Galaxy of Damnation (GoD) is a campaign system for Warhammer 40K that is designed primarily for gaming clubs and other situations in which there may be a large number of players.
Playing one-off games of 40K is great fun, but nothing engages the imagination like an interesting, involving campaign. With a few friends it is possible to develop rich and engaging narrative campaigns with lots of storyline to link the games together. But in a gaming club, where there may be fifteen or twenty players wanting to join in, such things are not possible unless someone has a serious amount of time to spend managing the campaign and preparing materials for each game.

Galaxy of Damnation has been designed to address the main problems that Gamesmasters often encounter when running campaigns for large groups. In our experience these are:

Players who might not be available at every meeting
Players of differing levels of ability
‘Run-away-leader’ syndrome, where no-one can catch the front runner
The need to organise players before the next meeting
The need for efficient tracking and mechanics of campaign management
We have playtested the system and rules for GoD, and included a campaign pack to get you started. However, GoD is a system, not a campaign. We hope that you will submit your own campaign packs and guidelines for development and submission are presented elsewhere on the site.

If you are interested enough to want to find out more you have a number of options. You can read the rules for GoD here on line. Or you can go to the download area and get them in Word 97 or Acrobat format.

If you’d like to read more on-line, here is a table of contents for galaxy of Damnation. We hope you enjoy it.

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