Galaxy of Damnation

Galaxy of Damnation (GoD) is a campaign system designed to help organise a series of 40K or (Epic 40K) games in an unfolding narrative style. It is intended to be simple enough to avoid getting in the way of gaming, but rich enough to spawn some interesting game play.

The system is aimed at clubs and gaming groups that have to cope with players of differing ability and experience. Most narrative campaigns are so structured that they require players to play certain games in a timeframe, or exclude players who get ‘knocked out’. We have tried to avoid these pitfalls and design a system that:

+ avoids the ‘run-away leader syndrome’
+ will pose a challenge to experienced and introductory gamers
+ allows players to join in at different levels
+ is not dependent on players playing every meeting
+ allows other game systems – such as Epic 40K and Battlefleet Gothic – to be ‘hooked in’

The approach

The system has been inspired by a number of things including the Battlefleet Gothic campaign system and Net/PC exploration games like ‘Stars!’ and ‘Planets’. A map is generated with a number of star systems. The details of the system – what type of planets it has, how the occupants will react and so on – is generated by the first player to get there. You may have to fight the natives for control of it, win it from other players, or if you are lucky the inhabitants might accept your occupation (though they may send out a distress call and reveal your position to everyone else!). The star system will gradually be mapped out as players explore and annex more planets. In doing so they gain the ability to control passage around the star map and build up an empire of planets. But the players do not know where their opponent’s fleet is, or the locations of their developing empire. They can only deduce this through exploration, technology rumor and bribery‚Ķ

We have developed and play tested this campaign system for almost a year.

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