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March Mayhem 2015

March Mayhem – Results Spread-sheet.

A good time was had by all.

Thanks Adam and Sam for organising the event.

40000 Terminator, 40000 Views, Gobstyks Website within 3 Months

40000 Views of Gobstyks

40000 Page Views

A site milestone was reached today, 40000 Views.

This is all within 3 months of the new Gobstyks web site going live, thanks to the new content, featured articles and the contribution of our members is what is making people visit our website.

Keep up the good work everyone.

Wall of Fame

Wall of Fame

OK previous winners
I have started a new page.

Make yourself known so I can add you to the “Wall of Fame”!

I have picked up a few winners from the previous forum posts, but need your help filling the gaps.

State your name, what you won, and which year!

Be warned, I will create a “Wall of Shame” if it is needed for those who claim things that are untrue!

Olympic rings

Olympic membership

A quick roll call for Olympic Memberships.
If you could frame your reply following the model below that would be most helpful.

Could other issues around the scheme be discussed on another thread? Please and Thank you.

Pete – Club Treasurer and grumpy old man.

New private messaging System

NEW Private Messaging System added

Users to the site will not notice that we have installed a Private messaging system onto the site, the previous forum had this function, so we have installed a separate system to allow this. It will appear on the right hand side just below the log in box.

Gobstyks Android Chrome Screenshot

Mobile & Tablet Friendly

The New Gobstyks Gaming Club website is now mobile and Tablet friendly offering better functionality and completely new user experience, tried and tested on Android and Apple IOS, along with Safari & Finally Internet Explorer 11.

Gobstyks Business Card

New Club Business Card

The new club business card is now available at Games Workshop Lincoln.

New Look Website Screenshot

Welcome to the New Look Gobstyks Website

Welcome Guys & Gals

Just a quick post to welcome you all to the new style and design of the infamous Gobstyks website, you will find the new forum and magazine layout, please bear with us while the integration and development of new content.

We hope everyone likes the new design….


From the Web Design Team