Lincoln Based Tabletop Gaming Club

Gobstyks Executive

The current Executive structure is a committee consisting of our Club President Anna Delafield , Club Treasurer Pete Delafield and committee members Alister Williams, Andrew Dodd, Chris Pymm and Robert Johnson.

We review our committee on an annual basis, re-electing members at each years AGM.  The Executive have the responsibility of running Gobstyks and ensuring a fun, safe and enjoyable gaming experience for our members, both long standing veterans and new visitors to Gobstyks.

With the challenges presented by the current global pandemic however our AGM has been delayed, however the executive will be looking to create a new structure for the future of the club as some members step back and some step forward.

Gobstyks Company Captains (Leadership Committee)

The Gobstyks Company Captains are hardened gaming veterans, who give their free time to assist in the continued running of Gobstyks and to further the gaming experience for its members.

Each committee member has a specific role and set of responsibilities, they are an equal member of the committee and no one member can rank higher than another, so each member is part of a dedicated team working towards a common goal.

Responsibilities are sometimes delegated to appropriate club members, this is to share the load and encourage other members who want to help out, but might not have the time commitment to be a Company Captain, for example another member may run a campaign or tournament on behalf of the committee as they will have better knowledge of the system or experience in running that type of tournament.

Follow the links for each Company Captain to see their profile to put a name to the role.

Master of the Fleet (Treasurer)

Master of the Marches (Events)

Master of the Recruits (Membership)

Master of the Arsenal (Admin/Caretaker)

Master of the Signal (PR)