Forum User Guidelines

This is a general notice to all members of the forum, please read, and use as a guide to posting.

The aim of this post is to provide a set of guidelines to the Gobstyks site. Please read them before you post anything. They are not hard and fast rules, but are a framework in order to keep the place clean and tidy so that everyone can get the maximum enjoyment from its content.

We have provided plenty of forums for the varied subjects of gaming and hobby related issues . The content and purpose of each is described in the subtitles

Forum Guidelines 
Try to post your thread in the appropriate section. It makes it easier for those following certain ideas and topics and helps keep them on track.
Keep the thread on subject! Nothing worse than tangent conversation when you need answers to a question.

Please, please, please no swearing, no flaming, no abusive tones, no racism, sexism, or any other ‘isms. This kind of thread forces us to delete the thread immediately, and ban your account. Consider the fact that all ages, ethnic groups, creeds and colours come here, and what you might think appropriate, others may not appreciate. The internet is anonymous. You don’t know who is the other side of the screen…

We have none of it here please. Type in full, and in your best English. There is no need to abbreviate as per a mobile phone text message here due to no character limit, or requirement to answer really quickly.

We try not use the word “cheese” or “beard” here. We have an edit button and are not afraid to use it! If you like those conversations, then please go to the GW forums. Yet words like LOL, LMAO are tolerated as we can see the sense in these.

The posting of new threads that are repetitive should be avoided. It makes moderation hard work for us who have to check and read everything! If you have several things to say that are all related, then keep them on the same thread. You can search on here, so have a search first before posting a question.

Bitz Swap Clarification
We all have spare parts and bits we don’t really need and have others that we do want. Advertising on this forum enables you advertise what you want and what you need.
Please complete the trade off line via email or board PM’s though.
DO NOT put your telephone number, address or anything of a personal nature on the web. This is highly dangerous and we at Gobstyks will not accept any responsibility for negligence on your behalf! We also cannot be held liable for any trade that does not come off favourably.

This isn’t the place to sell non-hobby related things or list multiple hobby items to be sold separately. Listing the odd item for private sale is fine but we are not a shop. We do encourage exchanges though! If you want to sell other items such as electronics or multiple items separately, use eBay and then post a link to your listing so our guys and girls can find it first!
We cannot guarantee the security of any online transactions so please only use our boards to list swaps/exchanges of bitz, small private sales of hobby related items or add links to auctions sites. Discussions related to your listing should take place away from the Trading Post. Once you have decided how to proceed remember the safety points as mentioned above.

Roolz Help 
We have a section for rules help. This is NOT a place to ask for copyrighted materials from GW. This is against the law. Infringement of copyright is strongly discouraged and you will have the thread deleted and be given a warning. Asking for it, and giving such information are treated equally as bad. Please don’t do it.
However, if you cannot find a rule, have trouble interpreting something, and then feel free to ask within these limits. We will be only happy to help.

Trying to “hide” copyright material within army lists is also not on. Stats are a copyright infringement as are point’s values for wargear and so on. Please don’t do it. If in doubt PM any moderator or ask on the site. If still in doubt, then don’t do it!

Have Fun! 
This place is a great way to learn, gain help, experience and advice on the hobby. It is a game. Try not to forget that at the end of the day. We are all about having a good fair game, and this place is designed to help you achieve this.

So play hard, but play nice, and of course, happy gaming!!