Lincoln Based Tabletop Gaming Club

Master of the Signal

Master of the Signal


The Master of the signal is responsible for the Public Relationship aspect of Gobstyks, which includes promoting the club through media and technology, as well as in person.  The Master of the Signal is a public face of Gobstyks connecting with local interested parties.


Responsible for social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube

Responsible for maintaining and updating the club website

Responsible for ensuring the public name of Gobstyks is shared over the internet and prospective members are aware of our existence.

Meeting new members and in conjunction with the Master of the Recruits to arrange games for new members

Keeps an electronic copy of all digital materials such as logos and pictures on behalf of Gobstyks.

Responsible for any club merchandising (Gobstyks Gear), T-shirt’s, or other forms of promo materials where appropriate, working with the Master of the Fleet to ensure a budget for promotional materials is available and supplying the Master of the Marches with Gobstyks Gear at events

Keep good relations with local stores, both independent and official, look to gain offers or support for club members, for example free use of tables or Gobstyks exclusive events.