Lincoln Based Tabletop Gaming Club

Master of the Recruits

Master of the Recruits


The Master of the Recruits ensures the enjoyment of each member on club nights and benefits of being a member of Gobstyks.


Responsible for taking membership fees (club night)

Responsible for keeping the register up to date

Responsible for the Gold/Silver/Bronze membership scheme and the bounty hunter scheme

Take photos of the members and their armies who wish to have a profile on the website (pass these to the Master of the Signal for uploading on the website)

Organising membership raffles and buying prizes, ensuring that prizes cater for all members

Liaise with club members to address concerns, suggestions or complaints.

Responsible for 10th company members, ensuring they game in a safe environment and keep information on parents’ details if the member is at the club unattended.

Arrange incentives for 10th company members

Ensures that members finish games on time