Lincoln Based Tabletop Gaming Club

Master of the Marches

Master of the Marches


The Master of the Marches will ensure the gaming experience of Gobstyks members is enhanced beyond playing one of games.  Organising events such as tournaments or campaigns, the Master of the Marches will also make sure that Gobstyks attends external events with competitive teams or demonstrations at gaming events


Responsible for organising (or delegating) club events, such as internal and external tournaments

Keep an internal event calendar for club night tournaments

Responsible for the advertising of club events on social media platforms, in conjunction with the Master of the Signal (for example creating a Facebook event and sharing it on the platform)

Responsible for organising club attendance at gaming related expos or events such as Partizan

Responsible for arranging trophies for club events and keeping a reference of any annual trophies and who holds them

Keep track of the Gobstyks hall of Fame

Keep a list of 1st company members and keeping track of events and competitions, also to assist with organising car pools and assistance with attending competitions or events on the clubs behalf

Create and maintain links with other clubs to arrange cross club games and tournaments.

Arrange sponsorship or prize support for club events