Lincoln Based Tabletop Gaming Club

Master of the Fleet

Master of the Fleet


To ensure the financial aspects of Gobstyks, and to maintain required payments are met so the club can continue to run.


Responsible for taking membership fees (Monthly payments)

Responsible for the Club accounts (including PayPal) and producing an annual statement of accounts to the club members at the AGM

Responsible for arranging Public Liability Insurance

Keep good relationship with the venue owners (church) and liaise on the club’s behalf

Responsible for ensuring club bills are paid, and members who purchase items on behalf of the club are reimbursed.

Responsible for organising the club bank account and PayPal account.

Ensures that cheques are co-signed by another member of the committee, and that the rest of the committee are notified of the cheque being paid.

May take payments through PayPal and transfer to the account but must gain agreement from the rest of the committee for PayPal payments to be made.

On club nights will cash the till and tuck shop at the end of the night (9.30)

Personal address used for documentation that requires an address that cannot be the club for the purpose of correspondence.

To set an annual budget either at the AGM or by the time of the Christmas meeting, and ensure that a contingency fund is allocated.

Look after Gobstyks Gear budget