About us

Gobstyks gaming club is a long established table top gaming club based in Lincoln, Lincolnshire, originally setup as a Games Workshop affiliated club, it has developed into a standalone club support by its long standing members and of course our Exec team without whom I am sure the club wouldn’t be where it is today.

We meet each Thursday from 6pm til 10pm at St Andrews Church Hall on Garmston Street to play games ranging from Warhammer,  Magic the Gathering, to Settlers of Catan. If you are a dungeon diving Roleplayer or a Army toting fanatic you’ll love the facilities available to the club. We have seperate rooms for quiet roleplay and a large gaming hall for table top games that require a bit more space.

Each evening we have a snack bar, a raffle draw and club notices so you don’t miss a thing.

All games are welcome and the doors are open to anyone with an interest in table top gaming so come on down and pay us a visit.

Feel  free to use the forum to ask questions and you can even arrange a game if you want with the “want a game section”

Our Club has some dedicated Executive members that keep our club running below are these poeple who keep this club running. Our Club President is Anna Delafield and the rest of the team.

Anna-Delafield Pete_delafieldAndy_DoddChris_PymmMatt_Green