Lincoln Based Tabletop Gaming Club

Project Restart

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The Exec have been in contact with the Church (the owner of our venue) regarding the hall usage and have commenced procedures into allowing the club to restart. The club will, unless circumstances change, reopen on September 3rd2020.

One of the restrictions is the handling of money for subs, The exec have come up with the idea of having members pay via bank transfer or paypal (NOT DIRECT DEBIT) £10 per month. Cash will not be taken on a club night and the snack bar will not be open.

This guarantees you 2 things:-Attendance for that month when we have to count restricted capacity due to social distancing.Your tick in the book regardless of if you attended or not that obviously goes towards your tickets for the Easter/AGM/Christmas Raffles. Although please note that the AGM raffle will not be held this year. This payment plan also helps the club out in a couple of ways.It assists in reducing the potential for the club to be run at a substantial loss thus potentially killing the club and losing it.

Pre-booking your attendance also will assist in our setting up/closing down cleaning procedures as we’ll know how many people will needed to be setup/close down for each night.It will also allow us to contact everyone to assist in the compulsory track and trace information early and digitally to avoid unnecessary cross contamination of stationary and slowdown of getting everyone’s details on the first club back. Please note that with your first payment we will be asking for updated contact information to allow for this.Hall space is limited to 30 players in the hall and 5 players in the back room. These places will be prioritised to people paying the monthly fee but spaces can be booked with the usual £2.50 via bank transfer or paypal if there is room for people wishing to attend only a few weeks each month.With all this information to hand how many of you would be willing to be part of this prepay/prebook scheme, because if there is enough interest, this might become an actual proper payment method for the future after this current climate finally subsides.

Although not officially open, we will be testing procedures on the 20th and 27th August and intend to edit guidance to club members to allow for safe opening. Volunteers wishing to attend should notify the exec here on the understanding that your gaming on those evenings is likely to be disrupted as we try to improve our procedures.People wishing to sign up for the £10 a month scheme, or book a place for the soft opening should post here.

We would also like to hear if there are any reasons keeping you away that, with reasonable adjustments, could be solved.Please note that changes to local or national guidance might mean we need to change our plans. Remembering that the situation in the North West had less than 24 hours notice these changes may be equally last minute.

Kind regards

Gobstyks Exec