40k Karnage Kup Rules 2018

Hello and welcome to the Karnage Kup 2018. This is a simple 3 game tournament over 6 weeks to see who is the best 40k player amongst us at Gobstyks.

2000points battle forged with a maximum of 3 detachments.
All armies must be battle forged and using the most up to date rules.
Forge World is allowed.
Conversations are fine but NO proxying.
Beta rules and FAQ are being used.
There is no minimum painting requirement but all models must be WISWIG.

Dodd’s cultist army from last year.

Dates: 1st of November-4th of December

Scoring: The Scoring system will be your VPs from games plus 6 for a win 3 for a draw and no points for a loss.

Missions: We’ll be using Warhammer 40,000 matched play Missions: Randomly chosen Eternal war from Chapter Approved 2017

Number of Games: 3 Games. 1 game every 2 weeks.

Army Lists: All lists sent to myself (Jamie Elsender) in Word Format by latest 27th of October via Facebook messenger, you can find me on the Karnage Kup 2018 Facebook Group.

If you’d like to take part or have any questions contact me (Jamie), post on The Gobstyks Facebook page or join the Karnage Kup 2018 Group.