Kill Team Aftermath Campaign

With a lot of the members excited for the new Kill Team game, Jamie will be running a short campaign over the next few weeks to take part! Set in the Meinhoff system this campaign takes place after the club’s previous 40k campaign.


Several Years have passed since the great war that consumed the Meinhoff system. The Imperial Crusade sent to retake the system was redirected elsewhere and shortly after the Night Lords who had ruled the sector also vanished.

The biggest scar of that terrible war is the planet of ‘Talindar‘ once an agri world which had been home to most of the refugees aided by the T’au Empire. But the T’au were forced to pull out late in the war after a Death Guard Warband unleashed a terrible plague amongst the populace.
Ruining their chances to convert the refugees to the greater good. The planet is now an undead infested plague world!

The system once ruled by fear has in the aftermath of the war become a lawless realm. For without their chaotic master’s the Nightwatch Regime that had governed the sector collapsed soon after the war.

Now Warbands and Pirates pursue their own goals throughout this ruined sector.

How do I take part?

This campaign using the new Kill Team rules so you’ll need the rulebook which you can pick up from one of Lincoln’s many gaming venues, the games are fought between small 100pt forces on small boards. Excellent if your looking to get start or back into 40k as it’s a very friendly version of Warhammer 40k.

For all update please visit the; “Gobstyks Kill Team: Aftermath Campaign Facebook group” or visit the club every Thursday!