Pick & Play – What is Warhammer Underworld; Shadespire?

On the approach to our first Pick & Play Night of 2018 we’ll be looking at some of the games that are going to be available for members to try. Tonight we start with a game that has grown a huge following since it’s release; Warhammer Underworlds; Shadespire!

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It’s not hard to see why it’s very popular, it’s has two traits never before seen in a GW game. 1st; Games are very quick, normally taking only around half an hour but most of all it’s cheap!
£40 for the starter set and if any of the current of future warbands take your fancy it’s only around £20 to buy them and includes all the necessary cards.Image result for warhammer underworlds

This results in one of Shadespire’s biggest bonuses is that everything you need comes in the core box. You don’t need to dig out an old tape measure or some dusty old 20-sided dice. Everything you need is packed into the box which even comes with some spare resealable baggies to help keep the goods in nice condition. This coupled with the fact that the models need only be clipped off-sprue and pushed together with no glue means you can use them right out the box if you want.

The gameplay itself is as it says on the box: fast paced and tactical using as few models as necessary to keep things short, sweet and brutal. After playing a demo at Imps this afternoon it give the impression of a game that is easy to learn but difficult to master. It might be absolutely ideal for someone’s first venture into card games needing deck-building and would be particularly good for someone new to miniature games. Most importantly, the game itself is some rather pure and undiluted fun. This is not to be mistaken for some cheap spin-off of the Warhammer series, this game system feels just the right level of intuitive and familiar.

Games Workshop uploaded a excellent video describing how the game works….

So if you’ve found this all very appealing and are eager to give Warhammer; Shadespire a go, you’ll be able to try it out for yourself next Thursday as Imp Gaming will be running demos at our Pick & Play Night.