Pick & Play – What is Star Wars Destiny?

For our 2nd preview for Pick & Play Night of 2018 we’ll be focusing on a recent card and dice game called; Star Wars Destiny.

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Pete: Star Wars Destiny is a card and dice game by Fantasy Flight games. It is quick to play, and easy to learn. You can play Star Wars Destiny as a quick pick-up game with a friend all the way up to organised competitive play.

The deck building is simple and has lots of different combinations. Keeping things friendly does not require a huge investment, the two player starter set or some of the single player starter sets do not need many things to supplement them. Indeed you can play with a friend just using the two player boxed set. However, if competitive play is your cup of tea then you will need to keep up with the latest releases and booster sets and I think that could get pricey. It is well supported with tutorials, on-line articles and a regular player base in the local area.

The game play is an alternate player turn approach. You have a choice of actions, such as roll a set of dice, play an event card, or use dice you have rolled in a previous action to cause damage. You can also ‘claim the battlefield’ as your final action of a round, leaving your opponent free to perform as many actions as they like until they have exhausted all their possibilities. Once both players have finished their actions ‘exhausted’ cards are recovered, players gain some resource tokens and a new round begins, starting with the player who had control of the battlefield. This continues until one player has defeated their opponent’s characters by dealing damage equal to their health.

I have played Destiny a few times and really enjoyed the games and would recommend it to anyone who has enjoyed Magic the Gathering or enjoys Star Wars themed games.

If you fancy giving Star Wars Destiny a try next Thursday Comic Culture will be running demos at our Pick & Play Night.