Gobstyks March Mayhem 2018 Event Details

Find all the details you need for the upcoming Gobstyks March Mayhem Event right here…


The event will be taking place on Saturday the 17th of March. Doors open at 9.30am, please arrive by 9.45am, entry is £5 on the door, first game at 10am. Each system will have a suitable lunch break (food not included). The event will finish at about 5pm.

Please inform the organisers which system you’d like to take part in, by posting on our club’s Facebook page.

Warhammer 40k

2000 points, using Open War cards. (taking out the sudden death cards) 3 rounds, and before each round I will draw the Deployment, Objective and the Twist cards that all the games will follow. Everyone will be given a random Ruse card to use once during the day (so only one out of the 3 games).


Players will use a 1.1 million starting team. Using any of the 26 official NAF teams and using the NAF competition rules. 4 Normal Skills to start, and 2 after each round (no spp’s) Tier 3 teams (Ogre, Halfing and Goblin) may take 2 additional skills at the start and 1 after each round. FUMBBL Secret teams will also be allowed to be entered, but appropriate models must be used. Message Alister Williams for details


100pts…… er… no using the force when your opponent is rolling their dice.



The tournie will be a 75pt 2-list steamroller. Due to restrictions on the number of physical senario zones we have, it’s likely each table will have a different senario, and those senarios and tables will remain the same for all three games. I’ll try to avoid having anyone play on the same table twice.

Conversions and alternate models from other companies are fine, but straight “stand in” models from the same game are too likely to cause confusion so are not okay. Ask me if you’re unsure.

Keep an eye on The Facebook March Mayhem 2018 Event page for more updates.