Lincoln Based Tabletop Gaming Club

Member’s Spotlight Matt Green

We finish off our 1st week of December with a Member’s Spotlight showing of one of the club’s most gifted converters; Matt Green.


Name: Matt Green
Years at Gobstyks: All of them
Membership Level: Gold
Games Played: WHFB, 40K, Bloodbowl, Roleplay, Pathfinder, L5R, Exalted More
Current Favourite System: Roleplay mostly with Pathfinder
Best Moment At Gobstyks: Meeting with friends and having fun and a laugh
Gobstyks Titles Held (Current or Previous) None
Interests Outside of Wargaming: Painting and Drawing
Current Project: Pathfinder and Lizardmen (WHFB)
If You Could Have Your Own Squig, What Would You Call It? Deep Gob
If You Could Make A Game Related To A Film/Book/Genre What Would It be? Cats vs Dogs

Matt has some stunning scratch-built conversion work and we highly recommend you check out some of the images below…

Hope you enjoyed the first week of our Xmas Countdown, be sure to check back tomorrow for more content.