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Blood Bowl: What Is The Gobstykup?

Today on the Gobstyks Christmas Countdown we look at one our longest running events at the club; The Gobstykup!

How did it start?

This history of the Gobstykup goes back to 2002 when Gareth Hamilton (Hobby Legend) first ran a Bloodbowl league at Gobstykups and donated a Forgeworld Squig Hopper as a trophy, he even painted it to his usual exceptionally high standard. This figure can no longer be bought, and it is rumoured than not even the finest night goblin squig hunters can get one anymore.

The league ran as a very informal league with a playoff at the end of the year, and the first winner was a fresh faced young gamer called Tim Pickers, with his undead team Dinamo Kislev. This was to be the start of an annual and fiercely contested competition, and in successive years was to be won by, Ali Williams in 2003, Will Plattern in 2004, Tim Pickers again in 2005, Tim Hunter in 2006 and finally John Garton in 2007. There was to be a few dark years to follow when the Gobstykup was to be uncontested as interest in the game of Bloodbowl was to quieten down, before being changed to a new format in 2011 as a new league commissioner was appointed. Ali Williams or Septic Bladder as his alter ego was to be known ran a trial competition with 9 players and it turned out to be so popular that the competition ran within the year and a second was announced.
The Gobstykup is now back to being an annual tournament with teams being committed to a yearlong competition with fixtures being pre written at the start of the season and a playoff that starts in or around September, it has become so popular that a second tournament was created in 2012 called the B Kup to run alongside the Gobstykup as a more informal tournament. The league has grown from strength to strength and this season has seen the most games of bloodbowl being played with 90 Gobstykup games being played before the playoffs and 32 teams competing for the B Kup.

The Honours list for the Gobstykup

Season 1 – 2011 – Will Platten (Skaven) Severed Paw
Season 2 – 2011/12 – Will Platten (Pro Elves) Branchester United
Season 3 – 2012 – Pete Delafield (Undead) Champions of Morte
Season 4 – 2013 – Darren Brodrick (Wood Elves) Got Wood
Season 5 – 2014 – Pete Delafield (Dwarf) Dwarves Something Alliterative
Season 6 – 2015 – Ali Williams (Lizardmen) Racing Salamander
Season 7 – 2016 – Jocelyn Croft (Darf Elf) Chill Sea

With the B Kup Winners as follows;
Season 1 – 2012 – Ali Williams (Dark Elf) Moleicester City
Season 2 – 2013 – Shared Between Rory Bax + Chris Pymm (Nurgle + Goblins)
Season 3 – 2014 – Jocelyn Croft – Olympi-Kaos (Chaos Pact)
Season 4 – 2015 – Jon Maynard (Dwarf) Portly Stout
Season 5 – 2016 – Ali Williams (Dwarf) Fang United

Who will win this year’s Trophies is anyone’s guess, with the playoffs coming to their climax and new blood leading the charge it’s going to be an interesting contest in the coming weeks!
If your a fan of Blood Bowl we highly recommend you come down and join us, who knows you could be the winner of Gobstykup 2018?