Member’s Spotlight Pete Delefield

For our 3rd day we’re going to be doing our first member’s spotlight featuring one of our main club execs; Pete.

Name: Pete Delafield
Years at Gobstyks: All of Them
Membership Level: Gold

Games Played: Warhammer Fantasy Battle, 40K, Bloodbowl, Black Powder, Flames of War, X-Wing, Deadmans Hand, Warmachine.
Current Favourite System: It’s not the system that is good, it’s the people.
Best Moment At Gobstyks: Organising and running a big tournament with players from all around the country.
Gobstyks Titles Held (Current or Previous): Gobstykup winner (2012, 2014), WHFB Karnage Kup winner, and a few tournament wins.
Interests Outside of Wargaming: Church, Guitar Playing
Current Project: British Napoleonic Army, Desert Rat Force
If You Could Have Your Own Squig, What Would You Call It? Steven
If You Could Make A Game Related To A Film/Book/Genre What Would It be? Flash Gordon armies of Mongo

Featured Models….

Blood Bowl: Team Ootini – (Jawa themed Goblins)

Warhammer 40k – Imperial Guard

Just a few examples of Pete’s models, he has a very large collection of various systems!

For our next member’s spotlight we’ll be looking at Matthew another one of the club’s oldest members and a skilled converter.