Day 24 – “Twas The Night Before Ork’mas”

To all of our members we wish you a good Xmas and hope you enjoy this last Countdown post…

Twas the night before Ork’mas, and all through da klanz,
orks were busy gearing up, Meks were fixin’ Killa Kanz.
Mad Dok Grotsnik tinkered with cyborks, with the least orkish care,
in the hopes they would all WAAAGH!!!, when Ghazghkull got there.

The Snotlings were herded up, all snug in their beds,
while visions of being shot through the warp, danced in their heads.
And Gazbag on his Blitzbike, Morgog with Da Finkin’ Kap,
were getting worked into a frenzy, for the promise of a good scrap

When out near the camp, there aroused such a clatter,
the Gretchin jumped up much alarmed, confused to what was the matter.
Some bikerboyz sped off to investigate, whizzing away in a flash,
brandishing slugga’s and choppas, ready to hack and slash.

The moon on the breast, of the grimy muddy ground,
gave plenty light to guide them, to what might be found.
When, what to their wondering eyes did appear,
massive Gorkanauts, Morkanauts, with Stompa’s to the rear.

There stood a hulking Ork Warboss, so burly and thick,
and an entourage of Nobz, one with Da Lucky Stikk.
The fury of Mork or is it Gork, who really knows
would surely be suffered, by the Orks’ poor foes.

“Now Boyz! Now Nobz! Now, Flash Gitz and Badrukk!
Now, Burnas! Now Lootas! And you speed freaks in that Trukk!
Da Boss is ‘ere, with more gubbinz and gunz,
we’ll tear through whatever fights us, as fast as Evil Sunz!”

His eyes-how they twinkled! His deathly grin how merry!
Mega armour battle-scarred, klaw blood red as a cherry!
His bosspole proudly littered, with battle trophies won
His WAAAGH! very ready, for the mighty fight to come.

They sprang into their Hulks, and into the Warp did they ride,
guided by Weirdboyz they travelled, this fearless green tide.
Out of the Warp they emerged, “Ready for da best scrap ‘eva?
Happy Ork’mas ladz, for tonight we fight on Terra!”