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X-Wing Hunger Games

We start this week off with another rules set for X-Wing know as the “Hunger Games”.

In the X-wing “Hunger Games”, there must be 1 Gamemaker and 6-10 Tributes. The more Tributes there are the more fun it usually ends up being. The last ship standing is the winner. May the Force be ever in your favour.


As a Tribute, your only responsibility is to survive. Manoeuvring, attacking, and defending are exactly the same in the Hunger Games as they are in a regular X-wing game. Low pilot skill still moves before high pilot skill. High pilot skill still attacks before low pilot skill.

Choosing your Ship: Each Tribute will get 21 points to spend on 1 Non-Unique Small Ship Pilot. Large Ships are not allowed. Basically the pilot skill is the balancing factor in ships which may have different starting values. You will notice that some ships, even with a Pilot Skill 9, are not able to reach the 21 point limit. Nevertheless, your 21 points is for choosing a ship only. Upgrade cards cannot be equipped unless they are picked up in the cornucopia.

The Setup: The Hunger Games are played on a 3’x3’ map. Larger maps can be used if there are more than 10 Tributes. The cornucopia should be set up by the Gamemaker by placing the 6 asteroids in a circle in the center of the map. The distance between each asteroid is up to the Gamemaker. Eight to twelve upgrade tokens should be placed against the inside edge of each asteroid making it difficult for the Tributes to land on the token without also overlapping an asteroid. It should not be impossible to collect a token without landing on an asteroid or they will shy away from going in.

All Tributes set up their ships touching any edge of the map. Setup goes in initiative order, lowest pilot skill to highest pilot skill. If there is a tie in pilot skill, Tribute with the lowest cost ship gets to choose the order that all tied ships set up. This will be the initiative order for the rest of the game.

The Cornucopia: The cornucopia is the only place where you can pick up and equip an upgrade. If you end your manoeuvre or action phase on an upgrade token, the Gamemaker will randomly give you an upgrade card which is immediately equipped to your ship, even if your ship would not normally be able to equip it. For example, it is very possible for an A-wing to equip a Heavy Laser Cannon. There is also no limit to the number of upgrades of any type that your ship can hold. Once equipped, that upgrade stays on the ship until it is either destroyed or removed by a critical hit card.

The upgrade cards in the cornucopia could be what tips the odds in your favour. However, the cornucopia is also where most of the action takes place. Just like in the Hunger Games books and movies, not everyone survives a trip into the cornucopia.

The Upgrade Deck: When a Tribute lands on an upgrade token (either at the end of his manoeuvre or at the end of his action), the Gamemaker removes that token from the table and hands the Tribute a random upgrade card from the upgrade deck that is immediately equipped to the Tributes ship. Only one upgrade can be received by a Tribute each turn. The Gamemaker should keep the deck in his hands at all times. The Tributes should not be able to see what type of upgrade is on top of the upgrade deck. The Gamemaker is free to choose which upgrades should be included in the upgrade deck.

Feel free to give it a try, if you’d like you can join us at Gobstyks this week where we will be playing a game X-Wing Hunger Games and maybe even Mario Kart.