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Member’s Spotlight Ben Stubbs

Name: Ben Stubbs
Years at Gobstyks: 16 years (almost exactly, got into the hobby ~Oct ’01 and was brought to Gobstyks not long after)
Membership Level: Gold (Silver and Bronze also attained)
Games Played: Warmachine/Hordes, Malifaux (dabble), Bloodbowl (dabble),
Current Favourite System: Warmachine/Hordes – love the setting, models and rules, plus I find enough list variety (both for me and my opponents) to prevent stagnation.
Best Moment At Gobstyks: Back when I played 40k, there was a particular league/campaign game with my Tyranids vs someone’s Eldar that springs to mind. This was 4th ed, and the scenario required my opponent to get 50% of his list off the table to secure victory. Thanks to the interaction of Spore Mines and Open-topped skimmers, and a couple of lucky Concentrated Warp Blasts at his larger tanks, I had killed over half his army by the end of my 1st-turn shooting phase…back when Tyranid shooting was a joke (is it still? I’m not sure).
Gobstyks Titles Held (Current or Previous): No league/campaign titles that I can recall winning, but I am the ‘proud’ holder of the Dreaded 13th Award for unluckiest player (the above anecdote is a definite outlier).
Interests Outside of Wargaming: The other flavours of gaming (Card, Board, Video, Role-playing), a smattering of non-Wargaming model making/painting, plus anime, reading, history, science and theology
Current Project: Having just finished converting up some new Hordes models, I’m back to the slow grind to catch up on the vast swathes of unpainted metal/plastic that make up the majority of my collection. Sigh.
If You Could Have Your Own Squig, What Would You Call It? Hopper
If You Could Make A Game Related To A Film/Book/Genre What Would It be? I’d love to bring the action of mecha-anime to the tabletop – realistically it’d probably have to be Gundam, owing to the huge amounts of available material and units, but in an ideal world Full Metal Panic!